Japanese Together

A home for Japanese with Noriko community.

We learn Japanese together.

Japanese Together is a community for Japanese with Noriko. 

Learning Japanese is not an easy journey but we can support each other and learn together!  

That's why I created Japanese Together. 

I bring together Japanese learners who are fans of my Podcast, "Learn Japanese with Noriko”, to share their experiences and knowledge, to practice Japanese in a supportive community, so that we can become confident speaking Japanese with any Japanese learners or native Japanese speakers in the world.



Access to community.


Monthly Japanese challenge focusing on output.

Access to Clubs & Events (Podcast Club , Book Club & More).  

Group Lessons by level.

Buy courses. 

Access Exclusive Podcast Extra! Archive with transcriptions.

Podcast Learn Japanese with Noriko Season 2 Transcriptions.

Access my Japanese Magazines

I'm Noriko, your host here.

  • A fully qualified Japanese teacher.
  • Creating Japanese Podcast, Learn Japanese with Noriko.
  • Offering private lessons, Japanese conversation Club, Group lessons.
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