Welcome to Japanese Together

A home for Japanese with Noriko community.

A Japanese Practice Community

Japanese Together is a community for Japanese with Noriko. 

Learning Japanese is not an easy journey but we can support each other and learn together!  

That's why I created Japanese Together. 

I bring together Japanese learners who are fans of my Podcast, "Learn Japanese with Noriko”, to share their experiences and knowledge, to practice Japanese in a supportive community, so that we can become confident speaking Japanese with any Japanese learners or native Japanese speakers in the world.



What’s inside?

Here are a few of the things you can get access.

Access to community.

Japanese Challenge focusing on output.

Weekly Meet-ups (Podcast Club)

Group Conversation Class

Monthly Book Club

Access Exclusive Podcast Extra! Archive with transcriptions.

Podcast Learn Japanese with Noriko Season 2 Transcriptions.

I'm Noriko, your host here.

  • A fully qualified Japanese teacher.
  • Creating Japanese Podcast, Learn Japanese with Noriko.
  • Offering private lessons, Japanese conversation Club, Group lessons.